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If you are undecided in your choice or have special requirements, such as a large family or a long stay of a few months ... whatever is the reason that makes you move, look in our destinations the house which fits your style and your needs, and get strung along by emotions that can give you a stay planned with us.

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If you want to create you a new opportunity most profitable than classic rent; if you have a property that is getting "moldy" because the market is "stuck"; if you believe that walking a new road can take you farther... Or you started your own business but cannot manage everything; you need an advice but don't know who you can turn ... Then Yourbanflat can help you: submit the form of your property and do all the questions you think might be helpful for us to understand what you need, we will contact you as soon as possible to describe our proposal!

Your Home... Even far from home

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Plan your travel with us

Look, choose and book your house: it will just take a few minutes, because we'll take care of everything else.

Yourbanflat is a rental service for short and medium term, designed for businessmen, tourists, visiting professors, employers, but also for families and groups of friends. You can have the unique opportunity to live in a real Italian home, for as long as you want: a long weekend, a few weeks or a few months. Every apartment and house has a strong personality and meet high quality standards, they are furnished, fully equipped, ready to be lived, just as you would do at home.

The online calendar is constantly updated and you can check the availability of each apartment, take a look at the pictures and compare the offers. With just a few clicks you can find the solution that best suits your needs and book it immediately.

So, what are you waitng for? Pack your bags, leave and enjoy your stay because Yourbanflat is your home, even far from home.
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Yourbanflat maximizes the return on your apartment thanks to a complete management of property. You can count on a team of professionals who deal with makeover, market promotion, welcoming guests and payments: a turnkey package to add value to your property.

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Yourbanflat support you during your whole stay. We'll be alongisde you when chosing your flat, we will welcome you at check in and greet you at check out. Rely on us if you are looking for a typical Italian restaurant or want to enjoy your leisure. Before being a traveller, you are our guest!

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Short term rental is the new frontier of property management. Thanks to Yourbanflat, you can offer your clients, owning a house or an apartment, an effective tool to increase the income of each square meter.

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