What to Visit in Treviso

A bit of our itineraries

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Canals, Mills and Bridges

To know Treviso it is necessary to touch its soul, the most
private corners that are modestly hidden from visitors, but also
the most best known places such as the Pescheria and the
Canal dei Buranelli


Real colors of Treviso

Houses and palaces with their façades decorated with frescoes,
churches that preserve inside them true treasures of the history
of painting, from Tomaso da Modena to Titian...and stories of
troubadours just waiting to be told: a visit with the colours of
the rainbow.


Mysteries, crimes and life

The origin of the name Treviso is a mystery in itself, but it is not
the only one. An unusual itinerary that wants to dig into mysteries,
legends and truths, looking beyond the facades of the buildings,
in search of the true soul of this city, touching its most and
least known points.