What to Visit in Verona

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From Square to Square

Starting from the monument that is the symbol of Verona, the Arena, this
walk moves from one square to another of the city to
admire its main monuments: Piazza Erbe with the Mazzanti houses,
the fountain of Madonna Verona, Torre Lamberti Tower and the Domus Mercatorum;
Piazza dei Signori with the statue of Dante and the Loggia del Consiglio.
All the way to Piazzetta Bra' Molinari to enjoy the view over the Colle
di San Pietro of the Roman Theatre and Ponte Pietra.


Door to Door on Via Postumia

In no other city, near or far, are the facades of houses and
palaces so rich in decoration. In this route, which takes into
the entrance arches as well as the portals of the churches,
we will discover the different symbolic meanings and multiple
functions attributed to the door, from ancient times to the present day.
The walk will take place from the Gavi Arch passing through the Porta Roman
gate of the Borsari and on to Santa Anastasia, the Cathedral and the
Bishop's Palace.


Adige: arts and old custom

At one time, the link between the Adige and Verona was very close;
life that took place on dry land continued on the water, through
a complex of people, sounds, noises, calls that animated the
river. The city pulsated strongly on the river as enormous was the
commercial traffic for the transport of salt, soap, spices, precious
fabrics, dried fruit, cotton, substances for dyeing and tanning.
At discover a route along the Adige between Verona and Veronetta.


From Dante to Shakespeare

Known throughout the world as the city of lovers, Verona
owes part of its fame to the famous writer William
Shakespeare, who set the most tragic of love stories here,
that of Romeo and Juliet. And it is precisely during the period of
Dante's exile in Verona that their tragic love story is believed
to have taken place love story. The route takes in the places of
Dante and Shakespeare scattered throughout the historic centre
of Verona to retrace the footsteps of two Great Poets.