What to Visit in Venezia

A bit of our itineraries

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The two hearts of Venezia

An itinerary to discover St Mark's Square, which has always been
the heart political of the city and the Sestriere di Castello,
known to be the most popular and populous area of Venice, having
the opportunity to discover the two faces of this magical city: the
elegant drawing room and its industrious people with their
traditions and daily life.


Secrets and intrigue in Venice

Enjoying history, fashion and folklore... of course! In the
"sconte" between S.Croce and Dorsoduro, far from the splendour of
San Marco but closer to a world that never ceases to amaze.


A stroll among Venetians and Foreigners

We will visit together the Sestier of Cannaregio to discover its
many facets: the Saffa area, one of the industrial centres of
19th-century Venice, the Sarvognan park, the famous ghetto,
to then arrive in the most romantic area of Venice where the
intertwining of land and water creates a unique atmosphere.