What to Visiti in Vicenza

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Vicenza amazing city

This is how Filippo Pigafetta describes the city that gave asylum to
Andrea Palladio and there is no doubt that the architect contributed
first hand to such beauty and elegance. A guided tour
to discover the palaces, the Palladian Basilica and the Teatro
Olimpico, is the first step for those wishing to get to know the city.


Before Palladio

Surely the best known face of Vicenza is linked to the name of
Palladio, but before the arrival of this young 'stone-cutter'? A
itinerary among the monumental churches of the mendicant orders,
caskets of art and history and palaces that recall precious lace for an alternative Vicenza.


Nobles for a day:
Villa Rotonda e Valmarana

Villa Rotonda and Valmarana On the one hand, Villa Rotonda dominates
the landscape from the hillside, with its architecture summa of
elegance and perfection. And on the other, Villa Valmarana ai Nani,
an 18th-century masterpiece thanks to Tiepolo's frescoes.
A journey into the history of a not so distant world.